It started with a single click of a tree in winter. A series of Instagrams of the tree that might be called the national tree of Iceland. The Björk. Small and tough and perfect for harsh Icelandic conditions.  The Instagrams caught the attention of people around the world. The series was published in Chinese arts and lifestyle magazine City Zine, and later displayed at an exhibition in Guangzhou China.

A  2x2m cube was constructed and covered with holes through which the rest of the images could be viewed.   

A  2x2m cube was constructed and covered with holes through which the rest of the images could be viewed.


LA-based artist Jow brought her wry sensibility to TastySpace for this mindful show that mashed up vintage analog print imagery with modern-day text speak. Prints and originals available upon request.

Write. Shoot. Edit. Finish. All in 3264 minutes.


Ruff Kut Productions was kind enough to enlist us as writing talent for the 2014 Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project. The final piece titled "The Mark" received high marks for Best Sound Design, Best Actor (Bob Torti), and Best Editing.


That collaboration got us into the New Amsterdam Vodka "It's Your Town" 48 Hour Film Project. This piece titled "When In Rome" took first place.

It's rewarding to see your brand gaining a foothold in other cities, one vinyl sticker at a time.

Another pseudo-pop iconic, counter culture sub-brand that has been gaining traction in the fine art and commercial art worlds for a long time. Rich DeSimone, the creator and creative gatekeeper of Lucky Bunny is, hands down, one of our fondest strategic partners.

Greta will always have a spot in our hearts, as she was our first true foray into the intellectual properties arena. Since then, we have begun to develop several characters and will always entertain a conversation if you're interested in helping us take these inspiring heroes and heroines global. If not, it's fine. It may take a little more time, but we'll get there on our own, and we'll never forget the little people. As a matter of fact, it's the little people that inspire us to make something new each day.

Get your copy of Go Go Greta right here

oogoog is our go-to production engine


In our spare time, when we're not making spots, we're making spots. This one was for the 2013 Doritos Crash the SuperBowl Contest. We didn't win, but we did get to watch one dude lick another dude's toes, and that was definitely worth it. Props to actors Lunden Boyd, Ernie Curcio, and Levi Fackrell for their immense talent in front of the camera, and Chuck Akin, Wesley Hirni, Todd Korgan, Scottie Minshall, Brett Walters, Jesse Smigel, Justin Favela, and the UNLV School of Nursing for their huge roles off-camera as well.


Constant reinvention is an art unto itself.


Artist Susanne Forestieri shares her perspective.


Artist Joseph Watson shares his perspective.

Jazz and Art at the Winchester Cultural Center





Let's open books. Books open minds. Minds open doors.


Our extremely talented friends at Somersault Letterpress dreamed up these incredible mini workbooks for our 2nd Annual Love for Literacy festival. Buttons were produced through the Opportunity Village Button Shop. We were able to reach several hundred kids from all over the Vegas Valley, introducing them to creative fields including painting, illustration, ceramics, journalism, letterpress, copywriting, music, DJing, and beyond.